We recorded the EMG signals from a top gymnast as she ran, tumbled, and flipped through her routine.

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Trigno Wireless EMG SystemLabChart

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Gymnast flipping with trigno wireless EMG system

Freedom of movement
Trigno Wireless EMG sensors are compact and lightweight. They are easily attached to the skin and may be worn under clothing.

Recording EMG with LabChart

Recording for the real world
Get the most authentic data by recording your subjects in or out of the lab, e.g. the gymnasium, workplace, or home.

Video capture of wireless EMG signal

See, and analyze
Easily record data and video into LabChart with the Video Capture module. Play back the sychronized files to see exactly what’s happening in your data.

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In Research

Impact of lightweight and conventional jackhammers on the operator

Delsys Trigno wireless sensors were an ideal match for this experiment, given their built-in EMG artefact suppression technology and integrated 3D accelerometers.

Campbell-Kyureghyan N, Singh G, Otieno W, Cooper K (2012) Impact of lightweight and conventional jackhammers on the operator. Work 41: 4180-4184

In examining the potential benefits of lightweight vs. conventional jackhammers, researchers measured forearm EMG amplitude and vibration characteristics among experienced jackhammer operators while they broke up sections of pavement.